Running Ray

Music Composer/Producer
Since 2007


My passion for music started when i was 19 years old. For the first time i saw a friend of mine playing the guitar on a party live, and almost immediatly i bought my own guitar and started playing. The first year of my journey was only about training the skills and so i started playing almost everything that comes to my hands. My biggest influences are System of a down, Daft Punk, Yann Tiersen, Björk, Robyn, Mount Sims, The Knife and much more ... After time passing i began writing my own songs. At the same time a friend of mine introduced me to a software called "Properllerhead Reason". He is a rapper and needs someone to produce beats for him, so he is asking me. Since now i am always trying to get a better quality to my songs, not in writing, in mixing. I belive in writing there is no quality, someone likes your music or he/she does not. The beauty of a song only lies in whatever it makes you feel.



If you are interested in my services you can hire me by just writing an email to and i will response a soon as possible.


Rene Braun
Ackerstr. 20
40233, Duesseldorf
Mobile: +49 176 359 150 98